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Episode 52: Navigating the Hospital Maze: Dr. Monique Nugent's Expert Advice on a Smooth Hospital Journey

  1. Episode 52: Navigating the Hospital Maze: Dr. Monique Nugent's Expert Advice on a Smooth Hospital Journey Sandy Kibling 36:51

In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, one doctor dared to challenge the status quo. Dr. Monique Nugent, a hospitalist and internist, witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by patients in a complex hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Determined to make a difference, she embarked on a journey to write her book Prescription for Admission that would be a guiding light for patients and their loved ones. 

“Being plugged into that community that gives you support over the years is really what's going to help you process things and set you up for success after a hospital stay.”~Dr. Monique Nugent

With the right knowledge, hospitalization can be a positive experience full of the comfort, communication, and compassion you or your loved ones deserves.

Dr. Monique Nugent is a practicing hospitalist and physician leader at a large independent health system in the Boston suburbs. With a background in internal medicine and a master's degree in public health, she is dedicated to making healthcare equitable, safe, and high quality. 

Dr. Nugent's passion for advocacy and leadership led her to write the book Prescription for Admission, which provides a comprehensive guide for patients and their loved ones on how to navigate the hospital system and advocate for themselves. 

Through her expertise and experience, Dr. Nugent empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey and ensure they receive the compassionate and effective care they deserve.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How to navigate the hospital system with ease and confidence.
  • The importance of patient advocacy and how it can make a difference in your healthcare experience.
  • Gain insight into the different phases of a hospital stay and how to navigate each one successfully.
  • Explore the power of effective communication in healthcare and improve your ability to communicate with doctors and nurses.
  • Prepare yourself for a hospital stay by learning practical tips and strategies to make the experience smoother and less stressful.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:02:41 – Dr. Nugent's Journey and Inspiration for Writing the Book Prescription for Admission

00:06:22 – Phases of a Hospital Stay and How to Prepare

00:09:29 – Importance of Treatment and Discharge Planning

00:15:58 – The Importance of a Medical Team

00:17:45 – Navigating Insurance and Contracts

00:19:52 – The Importance of Mental Health Support

00:23:14 – Effective Communication and Advocacy

00:26:17 – The Importance of Clear Communication

00:32:11 – The Purpose of the Book

00:34:00 – Importance of Knowledge

00:34:25 – Resources and Closing Thoughts



Instagram: @the_happiest_hospitalist

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Sandy Kibling Get Savvy... Demystifying Healthcare

Sandy is a health care professional having served in numerous roles including physician consulting and working for a large healthcare insurance company. She has worked on the frontline addressing physician and subscriber issues and has heard first-hand the frustration and concern about affordability and navigating a complicated healthcare system.

Sandy’s passion is to create a trusted source with Get Savvy…Demystifying Healthcare a podcast that breaks down the complexity of healthcare and empowers consumers to navigate the healthcare system.

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