1. Episode 43: Managing Prescription Meds – Stay Healthy and Out of The Hospital - HiDO Health Sandy Kibling 26:48

We started taking care of my father in law Ron and while trying to find the best care for him, we were struggling with him taking his medications in the independent living home he was in.  We hired a company to assist, but sadly they proved unreliable. Ron was constantly pressing his alert button, due to dizziness or falling.  We were frustrated for how to care for Ron but mostly not knowing if there were any options out there.  After numerous ER visits we knew we had to find a different solution.  

We know we are not alone in our struggles as many people care for senior loved ones today.  Thankfully with new technology and the power of AI or Artificial Intelligence more options are becoming available. But how do you know what these options are?

To get into this topic today, I am excited to have Charles Gellman on the show.

Charles, is the CEO & Co-founder of HiDO Health.  An outgoing data scientist with a Masters in Clinical Informatics. Charles believe that AI assisted robotics will alter the future of medicine and healthcare. 

He is one of the top voices on AI assisted robotics, digital health and the impact on care.

Charles was recently featured in a full feature documentary, “AI Robotics… The HiDO Story.” He publishes his analyses regularly in the newsletter, “The Future of Care.”

Today we will discuss:

1)    Uses today with prescription meds?

2)    Not managing prescription medication results in pain and expensive visits to the ER or worse.

3)    Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing how consumers get the healthcare needed – About Hido Health – speak to your healthcare insurance company. 



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