1. Episode 27: Staying Healthy and Out of The Healthcare System Sandy Kibling 38:52

Most American consumers are unhappy with their healthcare experiences, with most wishing for more personalized interactions versus no response or being routed to an offshore team who doesn’t understand our healthcare system and likely reads from a script.

Also, many are frustrated through their experiences with healthcare providers, from difficulties scheduling appointments to impersonal visits.  Many say if providers catered more to their individuality and installed more accessible systems, they would visit their providers more often the personalization is missing.

Here is a thought…what if we could be more in touch with our own health, both mentally and physical changing our lives and potentially minimizing our dependency on those doctor’s visits we would rather avoid?

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 27 staying healthy and out of the healthcare system.  In many episodes I talk about when something has happened and what are your options when you find yourself looking for a specialist or fighting with the billing department over an exorbitant hospital bill after an unexpected hospital stay, but what if we focus on key things we can do to stay healthy and out of the healthcare system. 

 I am delighted to have Brad Carlson on the show today. 

Brad is a certified health coach, spiritual practitioner, author and speaker. He guides others on a journey of self-discovery into becoming fit, happy and healthy… based on what works for you and your interpretations of being fit, happy and healthy. He is also the creator of the MindStrong mindset training and audio programs for developing the mindset you need to become a better version of yourself. 

I wanted to bring Brad on the show because of his unique perspective of helping you identify your own interpretations of what being fit and healthy means to you.  We live in a society where things are defined for us whether through media, or life experiences.  And with all that life can bring….what is important to you and what can you do to minimize stress and focus on a more positive or optimistic mindset for a healthier you!

 Today we will discuss:

 1)    Brad’s Story – Low Moment to Strong Mindset

2)    Steps to take to stay on top of your game and out of healthcare system.

3)    Motivated and losing momentum…how do you adapt?


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How Optimism Benefits Your Health

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Sandy Kibling Get Savvy... Demystifying Healthcare

Sandy is a health care professional having served in numerous roles including physician consulting and working for a large healthcare insurance company. She has worked on the frontline addressing physician and subscriber issues and has heard first-hand the frustration and concern about affordability and navigating a complicated healthcare system.

Sandy’s passion is to create a trusted source with Get Savvy…Demystifying Healthcare a podcast that breaks down the complexity of healthcare and empowers consumers to navigate the healthcare system.