1. Episode 25: Mental Health Crisis - Is Anyone Listening? YOU Matter Sandy Kibling 39:01

Having a mental health issue can be scary leaving you filled with anxiety or just finding the courage to reach out especially if you are in a dark place can be difficult as well.

Also trying to figure out where you start to get the help you need and can you afford it?

There are many people who are struggling with mental health…you are not alone, there are resources…YOU matter!

 We hear the stories every day of the need for more mental health services especially in light of recent headline news of shootings in our schools, churches and other public venues. I also hear from mental health providers of how they are trying to provide mental health services up against a healthcare system that doesn’t always provide the support that is needed.  For consumers it can be a depressing and a dark place.  How do you find the care and strength you need?  

I am delighted to have Matthew Dickson on the show today.  Matthew  helps people with mental illness in developing countries so they can get access to basic mental health care at MindAid.ca.  Mind Aid is the world's first website with all the organizations working on mental health in developing countries on one site (they are otherwise scattered across the web).

These organizations use models of basic mental health care that are low-cost, proven effective, and scalable. Some of these organizations have been endorsed by Bill Clinton, Forest Whitaker, Arcade Fire, Ashley Judd, as well as Zak Williams (son of Robin Williams) and Tim Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics.

Today we will discuss:

1) Mental Health Story – Matthew's Story.

2) Addressing the stigma around getting mental health support.

3) What Matthew did to  improve his own mental Health?


Mindaid – Helping People Get the Healthcare They Need

Mental Health Options:  Getting Care Limited Funds or No Health Insurance

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