1. Episode 24: Osteoporosis – No Bones About It Sandy Kibling 46:25

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What is a bone density test and who needs one?  A bone density test measures how strong your bones are.  They are recommended for all women age 65 and older, and for younger women at higher-than-normal risk for a fracture. Men may want to discuss osteoporosis screening with their doctor if they're over age 70 or at high risk for thinning bones.

People tend to think that bones are static and unchanging, but the truth is that bones are in constant flux. Unfortunately, as people age, they often lose bone more quickly than they can replace it, so their bones can become porous and brittle 

If left unchecked, this bone loss can lead to osteoporosis, defined as reduced bone mass and poor bone quality. People who have osteoporosis have bones that can break with even the mildest impact. So it is a good idea to make sure your building up that bone density but how do you do this?

Or maybe you’re in a situation where you are already diagnosed with osteoporosis…what are your options?

I am delighted to have Jayne Wesler on the show today.  Jayne M. Wesler is an author, psychotherapist, and attorney. She is the author of eight books, including three books on increasing bone density and bone health without medication. After publishing her first bones book, Jayne started a Facebook group dedicated to helping people with osteopenia and osteoporosis to learn how to strengthen their bones and prevent fracture. I will make sure and add a link in the show notes for this group and other amazing resources Jayne has provided.

Today we will discuss:

1) Early diagnosis of Osteoporosis – Jayne's Story
2) Navigating the healthcare system to get the help you deserve.
3) Being your own advocate on your health journey.


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