1. Episode 19: No Healthcare Insurance – What Are Your Options? Sandy Kibling 16:17

Susan is a single Mom, with two beautiful daughters Zoe 5 and Emelia 3.  She is rolling the dice and going without healthcare insurance praying everyday she and her girls are kept safe.  She simply can’t afford a monthly premium of $875 a month with a $8000 deductible and she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid.  

One incident requiring an ER visit with an extended stay in a hospital could easily result in a $10,000 – $15,000 dollar bill leaving her forced to file for bankruptcy or worse not being able to get the care she needs.  Why should any family be faced with this scenario? Yet this is the reality many families face…

What we will discuss:

1.     Why Do People Go Uninsured?

2.     What Are the Risks You Take If You Don’t Have Healthcare Insurance?

3.     Options To Consider If You Are Uninsured.


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Sandy Kibling Get Savvy... Demystifying Healthcare

Sandy is a health care professional having served in numerous roles including physician consulting and working for a large healthcare insurance company. She has worked on the frontline addressing physician and subscriber issues and has heard first-hand the frustration and concern about affordability and navigating a complicated healthcare system.

Sandy’s passion is to create a trusted source with Get Savvy…Demystifying Healthcare a podcast that breaks down the complexity of healthcare and empowers consumers to navigate the healthcare system.