1. Episode 18: Understanding Value-Based Care – The Care You Deserve Sandy Kibling 17:56

Joe sees his Primary Care Physician complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. 

Because of his family history, and because Joe is overweight and smokes, his primary care physician is concerned that he may be at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Joe’s primary care physician coordinates care with a lab facility who runs his blood work, and a cardiologist screens Jason for cardiovascular disease. 

After getting his labs back, Joe’s care team of providers diagnose him with heart disease. 

The advantage for Joe is his care team works in a value-based care model.  Their goal is to coordinate care and communicate amongst the care team to provide Joe with the best care. 

Joe’s nurse care manager helps educate him about cardiovascular disease and lifestyle changes that he can implement to improve his health. Joe’s physician has prescribed him a lipid lowering medication to help lower his high LDL. 

Joe regularly meets with a dietitian who helps him start a heart-healthy diet and encourages him to become more active.  Joe’s nurse care manager helps him find a smoking cessation program that works for him. 

The bottom line is Joe’s care team is working hard to treat him efficiently, without driving up unnecessary costs, all the while focusing on improving and maintaining his health. This is the kind of care Joe deserves and so do you…but is this the type of care you are receiving?

What we will discuss:

1.     What is Value Based Care?

2.     Benefits of Value Based Care?

3.     Value Based Care – Options For YOU


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