1. The Healing Power of Nonverbal Behavior w/ David Matsumoto Robin Dreeke / David Matsumoto 55:38

In a world where trust is often elusive, Dr. David Matsumoto's journey stands as a testament to its transformative power. As a judo practitioner, he found more than just physical strength on the mat; he discovered a foundation built on trust. This trust in himself and his abilities propelled him to become a USA Judo Coach, leading athletes to four Olympics. But it was a profound act of trust that would forever change his life. When a student bestowed upon him the gift of a kidney, they placed their ultimate trust in his hands. Guided by a service mentality, David embraces each day with a selfless approach, recognizing the incredible impact that trust and compassion can have on those around him. Join us as we delve into the remarkable story of a man who embodies the mantra “Fall down seven times, stand up eight,” and learn how starting each day with a selfless heart can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Get ready to be inspired by the extraordinary journey of Dr. David Matsumoto.


What We Discuss with David:

⁃       The Positive Impact of Trust 

⁃       Judo as a Foundation 

⁃       A Service Mentality for Life

⁃       USA Judo Coach and Four Olympics 

⁃       The Life Saving Gift of a Kidney and Trust from a Student

⁃       Fall Down Seven Times Stand up Eight

⁃       Starting Everyday Being Selfless

About David:

Dr. David Matsumoto, Director of Humintell, is a world-renowned expert in emotion, nonverbal behavior, deception, and culture. He has an extensive academic background and is a Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University. With over 400 academic works, he is the author of several influential books in the field of psychology. He has received numerous awards and is a Fellow of various prestigious associations. As the President and CEO of Humintell, he conducts research funded by various government agencies and private corporations. Additionally, he has served as an instructor for the FBI and the U.S. State Department. Dr. Matsumoto is an expert in threat assessment and has conducted groundbreaking research on the behaviors of bad actors and deception indicators. Outside of psychology, he is an accomplished judoka, holding an 8th degree black belt and Coaching certifications. 


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–       https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmatsumoto/

–       https://twitter.com/davidmatsumoto

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast: 

⁃            Humintell.com  

⁃            Ebji.org

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