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  1. 115. You’re Not Just One Thing with Alexandra Clayton and Michal Sinnott Lori Saitz 55:51

First, shout-out to my previous guest, Aneta Kuzma, for connecting me with Alexandra Clayton and Michal Sinnott, who you’re about to hear from today.

Personal wellness means different things to different people.

When you get to know someone, you find out there’s a lot of unpacking to do.

Alexandra and Michal met in a female filmmaking collaborative alliance, and little did they know the exciting journey it would lead them on.

Growing up, they were both raised to appreciate the value of education in different ways. Alexandra’s parents limited her exposure to media, and they carefully curated the media she did see to focus on female leaders and women in positions of power. Michal comes from a long line of travelers and sailors, which taught her the value of education through experience.

In other ways, they were different. Alexandra was emotional, and never thought of anyone as a stranger. She grew up in a household where love was expressed freely and openly, and she said hello to everybody at the grocery store. Michal, on the other hand, was introverted and learned through acting that she could express herself by pretending to feel things she wasn’t feeling; this was very liberating for her.

As multi-hyphenates – directors, producers, and actors who have also held a variety of side gigs to support themselves – they’ve most recently come together to write a screenplay and film a movie.

It was through this experience they discovered how fine is a 4-letter word.

Their movie, called “Unpacking”, is about a wellness retreat. Through their experiences, Alexandra and Michal both appreciate the importance of community and structure. At the same time, they feel there’s currently a real lack of places for people to go and find support to draw themselves out from wherever they’re stuck and get Moving forward right now. The mega-wellness industry fills the gap for a more privileged set of people, but what it has to offer is simply out of reach to many others.

In a moment, when you meet Alexandra and Michal, you’ll discover how they’re out to change all that. Hear how their experience in the “indie” movie industry, where you can create your own stories and roles without pleading for the approval of gatekeepers, has inspired them to break out of the typecast and inspire others to do the same.

Alexandra’s hype song is “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer.

Michal’s hype song is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine.


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Lori Saitz Gratitude & Meditation Expert and Podcast Host

Lori Saitz is the founder and CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “Fine is a 4-Letter Word.” An award-winning author, speaker, and broadcaster, Lori is on a mission to teach the world to be calm and grounded no matter what’s going on.

High achievers come to her because they have a strong drive to be productive, but at the end of the day never feel accomplished enough. As a nationally recognized gratitude and meditation expert, Lori guides those entrepreneurs and business and community leaders from stressed and chaotic to peaceful and focused and shows them how to live a sabbatical life. Then they then start seeing sales increase, relationships strengthen, and overall health improve.

In August 2022, Lori took a month-long sabbatical road trip with her 19-year-old cat. Read her account in chapter 8 of Love Warriors: The Conscious Expert’s Guide to Healing, Joy, and Manifestation. You can often find Lori in her sanctuary, aka the weight room at the gym. She also loves cupcakes, Thai food, and classic rock music.