1. FR Ep #337 How to Encourage Dialogue and Inspire New Perspectives on the Menopause Transition with Alexandra Stockwell Gina R Farrar 50:47

Today on Feminine Roadmap: how to encourage dialogue and inspire new perspectives on the Menopause transition with Alexandra Stockwell. Alexandra desires that women come to the table and discuss the nuances of their individual experiences, challenge widely held social constructs, and give rise to empowering new perspectives on the Menopause paradigm. In talking to women to prepare for writing her book on Menopause conversations, she found that many women did not have a community to walk this journey with. Menopause is often a negative, “this is the worst”, “you’re just going to miserable” kind of expectation but does it have to be? By sharing our common experiences and normalizing the conversation around our actual experiences and expectations, we can shift the perception. There is so much vibrancy to be had in Midlife with Menopause being the portal to this new season. Menopause has the ability to dial up our relationship with our bodies – no more grind and punish- and with ourselves- acceptance and grace. The idea behind this dialogue is to encourage awareness and create community to help navigate the transition in an authentic, healthy way for each woman. Thie episode encourages listeners to move through Menopause in a more aligned, connected way both mentally and physically in community. It’s an opportunity to honor this journey as a gift, seeing it as Moving into a completely different kind of fertility in life. Please grab a cuppa something wonderful and join in on this empowering conversation – invite a friend, let’s do this together. https://alexandrastockwell.com/

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Hi I'm Gina R. Farrar, creator and host of Feminine Roadmap podcast. In 2018 I launched my podcast because I wasn't seeing real conversations take place around all things midlife so I decided to create a comprehensive midlife resource through my podcast. I would love to have you grab a cuppa something wonderful and join me for some awesome conversations. I am also multi-passionate artist primarily focusing on creating acrylic and watercolor art.