1. FR EP #238 Pro-Aging in Beast Mode with Gail Gensler Gina R Farrar 47:27

Today on Feminine Roadmap we’re talking about pro-aging in beast mode with Gail Gensler. Gail is on a mission to build a community of women (and men) who do not fear the years but stand up and live Midlife in beast mode. She is encouraging midlifers that we can age well, with enthusiasm to the best of our ability in the most healthful way. We can shift the paradigm from anti-aging to pro-aging – seeing life as a grand adventure. Gail believes in investing in the power of female collaboration, getting us to sing from the same song sheet, embracing our differences and getting the pro-aging message out there. She strives to motivate and inspire us to renew ourselves, find our health, and to go do things that we enjoy. We can live in a way that adds value back into the world. We do have the opportunity and choice not to buy into the cultural narrative and live boldly in Midlife and beyond. Our conversation is for every person who wants to stand up, be seen, be represented for who we are, where we are not for who anyone else says we should be after “a certain age”. It’s time to go into Midlife beast mode! Embrace that pro-aging mindset, don’t let society dictate our lives, and keep challenging ourselves to find out what we’re capable of. If this makes you want to get up out of your seat and shout then hit play. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and get ready to be inspired! Please remember to subscribe, rate and share this podcast! Thank you!

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Hi I'm Gina R. Farrar, creator and host of Feminine Roadmap podcast. In 2018 I launched my podcast because I wasn't seeing real conversations take place around all things midlife so I decided to create a comprehensive midlife resource through my podcast. I would love to have you grab a cuppa something wonderful and join me for some awesome conversations. I am also multi-passionate artist primarily focusing on creating acrylic and watercolor art.