1. FR Ep #235 The Challenges of Being an Unpaid Family Caregiver with Dr Madhavi Vemireddy Gina R Farrar 50:36

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about the challenges of being an unpaid family Caregiver with Dr. Mudhavi Vemireddy. Dr. Vemireddy’s first child was born with health challenges which lead family on a journey of figuring out how to find support, care for and manage their son’s needs. This experience caused her to recognize the need for support and resources to be available to unpaid family caregivers. The mental health of unpaid family caregivers is often neglected as the caregiving role is assumed. Dr. Vemireddy is on a mission to help make the caregiving journey less stressful and to improve the quality of life for both the Caregiver and the care recipient. She believes that empowering family caregivers helps them give better care for themselves and their loved ones. Dr. Vemireddy shares 5 stages of the caregiving journey (7:42) and discusses how to navigate them. The greatest conversation around the challenges of being an unpaid family Caregiver is their state of the mental and physical health. If you or someone you love is currently caregiving or will be soon, this conversation will be very helpful. Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a loved one and join us! Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this podcast! Thank you!

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