1. FR Ep #231 How to Live an Ageless Life with Dr Vonda Wright Gina R Farrar 50:33

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about how to live an ageless life with Dr. Vonda Wright. Dr. Vonda wants to flip the script on aging from anti-aging to an ageless life. She has a passion for helping women to realize that Midlife is not the autumn of their lives or the edge of winter but a second spring. Anti-aging is a mindset that puts us against aging (which we’ve been doing since we were born) but instead pivot to pro-living. What is pro-living? It is living our best lives, purposeful living, actively engaging with good food, good movement, and good relationships both with others as well as ourselves. IT’s not giving in to the media’s story about aging but redefining it for ourselves and then living it. She believes that we can live active, healthy, vital and joyful lives well after 50 and 60 as we make choices that are in favor of our health span. Dr. Vonda has found that many people’s health span is not as long as their life span which means that they live their last 20 years in les than optimal health and she’s on a mission to change that! Dr. Vonda shares several powerful mindsets and strategies to support ageless living and a longer health span. Please grab a cuppa something wonderful and join us for this mindset altering, health span changing conversation! Please remember to subscribe, rate and share this podcast! Thank you.

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