1. FR Ep #224 How to Win at Menopause with Dr. Mindy Pelz Gina R Farrar 49:04

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about how to win at Menopause. Dr. Mindy Pelz shares five key lifestyle changes that helps your body reset. Menopause happens to every woman and more often than not we are told we just need to grin and bare it. Not anymore! Dr. Mindy’s message is that you aren’t destined to suffer through Menopause, you can actually be vibrant and thrive. You can actually win at Menopause by tapping into your body’s ability to self heal and regenerate. You may be wondering about genetics and how that impacts our Menopause experience, will we be an exact imprint of our mothers? Yes and no, Dr. Mindy explains that while we do inherit much of our hormonal imprints from our mothers, we can actually create different outcomes. How? By understanding genes, heredity and how our lifestyle choices impact that. A key starting point is the importance of gut health and minimizing mental, physical and chemical stressors. Our bodies speak in symptoms and if we learn to listen we can begin to turn the ship around and win at Menopause. If you or a friend need this information, please grab a cuppa something wonderful and listen to this life changing conversation together! Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this podcast. Thank you!

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