1. FR Ep #222 No Regrets Living with Dr Harley Rotbart Gina R Farrar 47:11

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about no regrets living with Dr. Harley Rotbart. Dr. Harley share his roadmap for putting aside past regrets and Moving ahead with less regrets. Often when we get to the second half of life we begin looking at the end, the time we have left. We ask questions of our past, our decisions, how or if we can do it differently Moving forward. Dr. Harley suggests that no regrets living begins with looking at the past as a pattern of faithful occurrences that had to happen to make us who we are today then practicing self-forgiveness and intention as we move forward. Next we add the belief in something greater than ourselves so we can appreciate that there are things that we cannot always control or understand. Once we’ve accepted that we can then seek to create a sense of appreciation for what was, and is, and is to come from a better perspective. Our past successes and failures are our tutors to practice no regrets living. While no life is without regrets, Dr. Harley wants listeners to accept what has transpired in our lives, release our sense of guilt and live in this moment with our full presence, with complete intention. No regrets living is about embracing what can be controlled, letting go of what cannot and living forward with purpose. We invite you to grab a cuppa something wonderful, a good friend and start no regrets living today! Just tune in to this life changing conversation. Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this podcast with all of your friends.

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