1. FR Ep #218 Finding God in the In Between with Stacy Averette Gina R Farrar 43:15

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about finding God in the in-between. This conversation with Stacy Averette is about that constant sense of transition, that feeling of not being quite where we thought we’d be by Midlife. Stacy is on a mission to encourage women not to feel like they have to do it all, be it all or live up to others expectations. She reminds women to take the time to find some space in their lives, give themselves grace, and remember that God is at work in their lives even when they can’t see it. Stacy understands what it feels like to be lost in the in-between, feeling like you’re being benched somehow. On those hard days when it feels like we’re doing nothing important or worthy is when it’s good to remember that God is never doing nothing in our lives- He is always at work. Stacy guides us to have faith, show up and do the next right thing that we feel we are supposed to do whatever that is, no matter how ordinary it seems. Trust the process and know that God is a work in that for you. Often we get derailed by the ideas other people have and the prevailing ideas our culture puts forward. The world seems to encourage the idea that we should be at a certain place in life by Midlife, doing certain things instead of focusing on being who we are and where we are in this particular place along our own journey. While there is a certain tension in these in-between times, these transitions and pauses, that can feel humbling, God is there. He doesn’t press pause and His measure is not like the world around us. Look up friend, there is fruit to be found in the in-between, in the ordinary. Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a good friend and sit with us to have this warm, authentic, empowering conversation! Please remember to subscribe, rate and share Feminine Roadmap with your friends! Thank you.

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