1. FR Ep #216 Women Can Change the World with Molly Galbraith Gina R Farrar 49:18

Today on Feminine Roadmap guest Molly Galbraith talk about how women can change the world. Molly is the co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and the author of, “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up”. She believes it is important for all women and girls to authentically support each other. She wants to help women overcome their own struggles with not feeling “enough” and thinking that we must compete with one another because there isn’t enough to go around. As a fitness professional Molly has had to work through her own struggle with comparison and that journey to self-acceptance and empowerment has lead her to this mission. When women feel strong, confident and empowered in their bodies and lives then she believes they can change the world. That level of confidence frees their energy up, their focus, away from themselves to the purpose that they are here to fulfill. Molly has laid out practical steps we can take to not only be inspired to become strong women but to actually accomplish it. This episode is full of wise, applicable counsel, clear strategies and strong encouragement. Yes, women can (and do) change the world and you are invited! Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a girlfriend and start that journey today- just click play! And if you would be so kind, please subscribe and rate this episode. We would be ever so grateful!

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