1. FR Ep #215 Aging Audaciously with Lisa Levine Gina R Farrar 50:11

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about aging audaciously with Lisa Levine. Lisa is an age activist and author of “Midlife No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50’s and Beyond”. Lisa’s message is designed to empower women in Midlife to pause and take a good look at what they want for the second half of their lives. Reconnecting with the possibilities that are out there to tap into, embrace and make a reality is a key mindset for aging audaciously. Lisa encourages listeners to pause, take a breath and follow the yes- that thing inside of you that is flickering. Audacious aging is really about taking risks, however small, consistently each day to develop the habit of hearing your inner voice and following that. Sometimes though there’s another inner voice that is a bully and a harsh critic, Lisa points out that just because that voice tells you something doesn’t make it true. Navigating the challenges and changes of Moving beyond the paradigms that the world tells us takes awareness and self-compassion, another key component that Lisa focuses on. Audacious aging requires us to trust ourselves, slow down, and make small moves. Everything may be changing right now but it’s ok. If we don’t know what’s next, it’s ok. Everything we do in this life is a choice so why don’t you choose to join us as we talk about audacious aging? Grab a cuppa something wonderful, your best friend, and hit play for this audacious and empowering conversation!

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Hi I'm Gina R. Farrar, creator and host of Feminine Roadmap podcast. In 2018 I launched my podcast because I wasn't seeing real conversations take place around all things midlife so I decided to create a comprehensive midlife resource through my podcast. I would love to have you grab a cuppa something wonderful and join me for some awesome conversations. I am also multi-passionate artist primarily focusing on creating acrylic and watercolor art.