1. FR EP #202 Waking Up To Your Own Life with Leisse Wilcox Gina R Farrar 56:54

Today’s guest on Feminine Roadmap, Leisse Wilcox, is inspiring women to wake up to their own life. Leisse draws insights and wisdom from her life experiences to help connect our common human experience as women, our struggles, our growth and our changing landscapes. Often we struggle through these challenges in isolation, when we do shame and judgement quickly follow. When shame and judgement is added on top of our emotional confusion and wounds it brings about more repression. Eventually that internal struggle must get louder and louder to get our attention. Leisse is calling women to courageously feel those emotions, face our shadows and find the freedom that awaits. In order to wake up to our own lives the journey is through those shadows to find the light on the other side. The challenge she proposes is that many women find themselves feeling that we should be martyrs in our lives, that we don’t deserve to seek what we desire. Who are we to ask for what we want and what feels right and good to us? At first it feels audacious to take time to think about what makes us feel whole, complete and lovely as a human in this world. She proposes that in order to wake up to our own life we must recognize that just because, yes, we can do anything doesn’t necessarily mean we should do everything. Our identities need to be separated from what we do, the roles we play and begin to come from our hearts and souls. Leisse reminds us to recognize our feelings because they are our feedback- the insight into what needs to be addressed- those feelings need to be felt to be healed. Leisse reminds us that in order to be our best in this world we must understand that our most important relationship is the one with ourselves. The better we become and the more authentically we live, the more we are able to show up in the world in a powerful way. If you are looking for practical strategies to wake up to your own life, crab a cuppa something wonderful and join Leisse and Gina. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode202/

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