1. FR Ep #179 From Victim to Victor- Narcissism Survival with Mariette Jansen Gina R Farrar 59:07

Today on Feminine Roadmap guest Mariette Jansen lays out the life of living with a narcissist and how to go from victim to victor. Mariette breaks down the characteristics of a narcissist using real life examples so that we can identify if we are in relationship with a narcissist then break their grip on us. Narcissism survival begins with the awareness that we have lived with a lot of noise on the line, words and actions that have caused us to lose sight of what the truth is, who we are and what our value is. The narcissist will use techniques such as love bombing or gaslighting to put themselves in control of the relationship and they continue to manipulate in order to stay in control. Mariette gives practical tools that will empower a victim of narcissism to begin to break the cycle and break free from the narcissist. She wants us to know that we do deserve better, we do have value, and we are worthy of love and respect. IF you are in relationship with a narcissist or have a friend / family member who is, we highly encourage you to get a ZOOM listening party going and talk about what Mariette is sharing, see where you can begin to break those chains and get healthy in your relationships. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and listen today! www.feminineroadmap.com/episode179/

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