1. FR Ep #178 Kick Fear and Anxiety with Proven Brain Science with Dr Craig April Gina R Farrar 57:32

Today on Feminine Roadmap Dr. Craig April shares powerful strategies and resources to help us kick fear and anxiety with proven brain science using CBT- cognitive behavior therapy. Dr. April talks about how we can outsmart our brain’s false fear messages and claim our calm by using CBT techniques. He explains that anxiety is false fear, it’s actually us misinterpreting our bodies being flooded with adrenaline – instead of recognizing it is a biological experience, we create a story to understand it like, “I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack” or “I can’t handle this” and seek to avoid the sensation. One of the challenges with anxiety is that it is often focused on the past or future not the present, loaded with “what ifs”. Dr. April wants us to learn to identify what it is that we are afraid of and the false belief attached to it then utilize CBT to rewire the brain by modifying the beliefs to more accurately reflect reality in the present. Once we understand what is happening, it’s not us, it’s biological- an excess of adrenaline flooding our systems- then we can stop the tide of anxiety and help our brains adapt to stop our suffering. If you or someone you love struggles with fear and anxiety, this episode is full of sound facts and strategies that can empower you to turn the tide of anxiety and begin to claim your calm. Grab a cuppa something wonderful, a good friend and hit play- it could change your life. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode178/

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