1. FR Ep #155 How To Own Your Story with Linda A. Olson Gina R Farrar 1:03:44

Today’s episode of Feminine Roadmap is all about owning your story with guest Linda A. Olson. Linda is on a mission to impact a million people a year through helping them uncover, create and tell their story. It took Linda years to not only own her story but to even recognize that she had one to tell! One of her most powerful takeaways that she wants to share with us is that staying stuck in our story comes at a very high cost but that doesn’t have to be our fate. Linda walks listeners through the three main types of story and the steps to begin to unlock those stories so that we can move forward in life and deepen our connection with others. Story is the fastest way to connect with others because it creates a way for us to relate to one another through our common human experience. Have no fear, telling your story isn’t about writing a memoir or baring your deepest, darkest secrets to the world, Linda actually helps show you how you can tell about one impactful experience in 2 min or less because it’s not about the journey, it’s about the impact it had on your life. So the purpose of sharing a piece of your life’s journey is actually to identify with and help someone else in their lives through strategic key parts of your own story. As you share that transformational moment and identify with the pain, with the sadness, with whatever it may be, the big thing is knowing the need of your audience, what it is that they are facing and when you share your authentic journey with them, you’ve just connected. If sharing your story is something you’ve wanted to do but have been afraid to start, Linda takes all of the fear out of the process and gives you a simple map for your storytelling journey walking with you every step of the way. Let today be the first day in your storytelling journey, just grab a cuppa something wonderful, a journal and a pen then click play! We’ll see you there! www.feminineroadmap.com/episode155/

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