1. FR Ep #140 How to Defy Ageist Assumptions with Bonnie Marcus Gina R Farrar 58:09

Today on Feminine Roadmap Gina talks with coach, author and podcaster Bonnie Marcus about how to embrace your ambition and defy ageist assumptions to thrive in the world and workplace. Oftentimes women find themselves feeling left behind, looked over or not noticed at all and Bonnie believes it is because women struggle with self-promotion, what they may perceive as bragging or being aggressive. As we learn to embrace our ambitions and defy ageist assumptions we must learn to reframe how we perceive power, success, and ambition, no longer seeing them through a negative lens but instead seeing it as a tool to show how we have and continue to contribute. When we understand what our value proposition is (AKA what we have to offer or contribute) then we can begin to embrace our part in the whole without shrinking back. When it comes to defying ageist assumptions, the challenge is to change how we see age and our “marketability” through the lens of our skills, ability and knowledge not the age we happen to be. Bonnie encourages listeners to reconnect with themselves and focus on who you are, get reacquainted with yourself and what you have done to get to this point in your life. When we break free of the limiting ageist assumptions we no longer play small, we no longer allow others to define us but we truly step into celebrating and honoring ourselves for who we are capable of being. Grab a cuppa something wonderful, an awesome girlfriend and share this episode together. Go ahead, embrace your ambition and do it your way! www.feminineroadmap.com/episode140/

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