1. FR Ep #130 Breaking the Chains of Domestic Abuse with Dr Angela Mailis Gina R Farrar 1:03:13

Today on Feminine Roadmap Gina talks with Dr. Angela Mailis, doctor, researcher and domestic abuse survivor about breaking the chains of domestic abuse. In spite of her many accomplishments, accolades, positions and influence, Dr. Angela found her self the victim of 27 years of emotional abuse at home. She candidly talks about her personal journey and the stages she went through to get to the place where she decided she would no longer stay in her abusive marriage. That decision to leave put her in danger, destroyed her finances and put her in a position to have to rebuild everything in her life yet she would do it all over again to no longer live with abuse. Dr. Angela put on her researcher hat and began to go “into the field”, talk to other smart, successful women who were being abused emotionally, mentally and/ or physically. She found that at least half of those high achieving women were being physically abused regularly. This reality hit home when a gifted male colleague of hers was accused of murdering his wife after she filed for divorce.
He was a successful surgeon, his wife a successful doctor yet he was secretly physically abusing her at home for 12 years and when she filed for divorce her murdered her. This further motivated Dr. Angela to share her story of breaking the chains of abuse on order to help other women break free from their abusers. With passion and clarity, she talks about her research, why successful women find themselves in abusive relationships and how women can break those chains. This is a must share episode so get your girlfriends, grab a cuppa something wonderful and listen! This episode really could save a life. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode130/

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