1. FR Ep #112 Simple Solutions to Sugar Addiction with Kathleen DesMaisons Gina R Farrar 1:09:24

Today on Feminine Roadmap Gina introduces us to Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD and author of the best seller “Potatoes Not Prozac: Simple Solutions for Sugar Addiction”. Kathleen shares how working in an addiction treatment center lead her on a journey at 48 years old to quit her job, sell her house and go back to school to earn her PhD to develop her theory about sugar sensitivity and it’s role in addictive behavior. Kathleen embarked on an interdisciplinary study that looked at the role of sugar sensitivity and nutrition across all types of addictions, what she found was astounding! No one had done that type of study before and the impact of her discovery took addiction recovery rates from 20-25% up to 90% just by adding a nutritional element. The beauty of Kathleen’s research is that it shines the light on sugar as the culprit to many types of addiction and brings hope to those who feel that there is no way out of their struggles. This conversation talks to the woman who cannot resist a whole plate of cookies or a bag of chips as well as to the person who is struggling with substance abuse or living with someone who does. While her principles may seem too simple, Kathleen believes that, “If you do it, you won’t be in bondage, you will be free.” So grab a cuppa something wonderful, a few girlfriends and listen to Kathleen’s message of hope and healing, it could just change your life. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode112/

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