1. Visiting With Mom (Jen’s Journey) Alzheimer's Caregivers 1:05:56

Visiting Mom, trying to connect and give her pleasant times is a bigger challenge than I ever expected. Trying to connect with her and failing, researching better options and coming up short was the impetus for creating this podcast.

Not only did I realize that family caregivers didn’t have time to do such in-depth research, I knew that a podcast would be an easy way to get support. It’s what I looked for and not finding it, I created it myself.

Equally important, I want to dedicate this episode to the two women I met at WerkIt, the podcast festival I attended in October 2019. It was their idea to dedicate an episode to what visits with my Mom are like. At first, I thought they were nuts. Of course, the more I thought about, the more I realized the potential benefits.

For the most part, Mom has been fairly easy, but that doesn’t make visits easy. Finding things to do that work for both of us has been a challenge. Overall, I have had to learn to be in Moms’ reality. That’s easier said than done. I thought I was doing this but just recently I’ve found a better way to do this.

Enjoy this episode. There are actual examples of what our visits are like, the good, the bad and how I’m Moving forward now that Mom is giving us more challenges.

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What Do You Remember?

After helping care for her grandmother who had vascular dementia, Jennifer realized her Mother was showing signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. After the death of her father in 2017 Jennifer went searching for answers to many of the common questions and Alzheimer’s caregiver faces. Being a busy entrepreneur Jennifer realized that a podcast would be the easiest way to learn more about caregiving while completing other tasks.

Sadly, in late 2017 she only found one and it didn’t quite address what she was looking for, so she did the next best thing, and started her own. The Fading Memories podcast is now in it’s fourth year and despite the death of her Mom in March 2020, Jennifer is still talking to caregivers and still learning how to be an excellent caregiver. On the podcast she discusses caregiving, brain health, self-care and how to age well.