1. Wages, Bonuses and Benefits! 19:25

We explore the topic of paying employees, specifically wages, bonuses, and benefits, in the context of compassionate capitalism. 

What is covered?  The history of minimum wage, living wages, the benefits of implementing effective bonus plans for all levels of employees, and who is responsible for benefit coverage.  Action steps for how to pay employees a living wage and implement effective bonus plans include the importance of regular communication, measuring progress, and involving employees in benefit decision-making. 

Because paying employees fairly and providing benefits is not only ethical but also extremely beneficial for businesses.


Charlene Norman knows how to make millionaires.  (She’s got nearly 40 years doing just that.)  Her methods may feel unorthodox; however, the outcomes and results speak for themselves.  She has been practicing some form of Compassionate Capitalism for most of her working life with outstanding results.  Reach out to her here  and here 



Charlene Norman Chief Empathy Officer & Truth Teller

I help my clients grow their empires in ways that are unique to them. It is not about using one tried and true and guaranteed offer. It is about matching the desires and goals of the client with the tactics that fit best with them.

Business and life are fun, leadership is not difficult and making money is easy. I know that trusting your intuition, pulling the answers from deep within you and standing in your own power are the best ways to reach your goals. My job is not to tell you what to do. My job is to partner with you and find the best match for your personality.