1. S1 - EPISODE 3 - MOMENTS TO MYSELF Living In The Know Jason Medlock 48:50

Episode 3 Highlights the talented and Clairvoyant Kamri Cole.  Kamri’s new book Moment’s to Myself gives a straight forward opinion on how to understand your purpose along with the necessary steps and sign to assist you in a balanced life.  From learning to tune your third eye chakra, manifestation, spiritual connections and meditation that can open the pathway to a new life.  Kamari demonstrates clair abilities along with benevolent experiences that led her to write this book.  Kamri speak about Authenticity, Following your own path, In Tune, Following The Signs, Ego, Living in the past, Living in the moment and Purpose. 

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Jason Medlock Author, Mindset Coach, QHHT Practitioner

As a quantum healing hypnotist, mindset-performance coach, and energy healer, among other roles,  Medlock provides a unique exploration of various spiritual modalities. With a profound understanding of human potential and a passion for empowering others, he has dedicated his career to helping business owners, athletes, and everyday working individuals become exceptional leaders capable of achieving their goals with unwavering confidence.

His groundbreaking book, Empowered by Consciousness, is a transformative manual for self-discovery and personal development that simplifies complex concepts and offers practical techniques for their application. It serves as a roadmap to transformation, offering a unique perspective on our ability to shape our reality. This insightful and transformative work is a valuable companion for those seeking deeper self-awareness and personal growth.

His goal is to encourage others to find their spiritual paths and to help them expand their thought processes, unlock their potential, and create a fulfilling life. His journey is one of wisdom, aspiring to influence others to live authentically and align with their desired lives.