1. Ep 376: Public Relations Strategies for Small Business Owners with Andrea Pass Elzie D. Flenard III 34:03

Elzie Flenard delves into the world of Public Relations (PR) with seasoned expert Andrea Pass, founder of Andrea Pass Public Relations. They uncover the vital role PR plays for small business owners, offering valuable insights and actionable tips.

Andrea’s journey from high school PR chair to thriving entrepreneur serves as an inspiring backdrop. They emphasize the significance of earned PR over paid strategies, providing a roadmap to PR success. Whether new to PR or seeking to enhance existing strategies, you’ll find this conversation invaluable.

From initiating outreach to boosting engagement through active listening and collaboration, the episode guides aspiring entrepreneurs on harnessing the power of PR to elevate their businesses. So, tune in to gain access to practical steps, ensuring you don’t just stay in the game, but thrive in it. Listen to discover the transformative potential of PR that will leave you eager to unlock its benefits for small businesses.

Episode Highlights:

06:12 – I see a lot of podcasts that they’re not posting on social. There isn’t an engagement. If they are posting, no one’s following it except the PR person like me. And so, if there’s no engagement other than to say, “I think I have X number of listeners,” then what are you selling to the potential audience? So, there really is a challenge in that. In the world of public relations, I consider Andrea Pass Public Relations is a client of mine. So, I’m my own client. So I’m out there like I am today, getting featured on your particular podcast because you reach an audience of business experts and entrepreneurs that would be appropriate clients for me. But it’s all part of a process. Is it cut and dry on how it can work? I don’t really know because clients are waiting for those analytics. And in a podcast, you don’t know the analytics until the podcast could be out six months or a year.

09:36 – I think it’s about establishing that relationship and seeing where it could go. That this worked out really well. We’d like to have you back. Can you be a sponsor? There’s got to be a create the relationship first, because there are so many podcasters today and so many homegrown journalists, people that did not necessarily go to journalism school or have an internship at a TV station, or what have you. So, I think there has to be that recognition that, yes, I might want it to be a business, but let’s take the steps necessary.

11:41 – In my opinion, podcasters need to listen. You might have a list of questions, but it doesn’t mean that question number three has to come after question number two. If the answer to question number two incites something in an effective podcaster, then that could warrant another question, and there should be that comfort level to not have to go down a laundry list of questions a certain way. So, I think that’s one of the things. The other thing, I believe that podcasters need to make sure their engagement on social media is up there. And if that means all of your friends and family, and I would have no idea that these are your friends and family.

21:23 – I’ve also flipped things. It is my life-work balance. Work isn’t first, life is first. And I think because of that, I’m able to provide a service to my clients where they see results and see results quickly. So, being a solopreneur is exciting. I’m really loving it. I’m a kid in the candy store that if I click with you and you want to hire me, great. If we don’t click, that’s okay, too. Not everyone is going to be everyone else’s cup of tea. And that’s all right.

25:16 – I don’t spend months and months strategizing. I start working with you, day one, I’m securing background information, images, biography, book jacket, company specifics, what your service does for other B2B companies. Day two, I’m pitching you. I’m not wasting time. I’m not dillydallying. And that’s where I’m different from other PR person and people and agencies that will waste six weeks writing fancy, pretty documents. My clients don’t need my fancy PowerPoint document. They need to know I’m working and getting the job done, and they want to know I’m working quickly. And that’s where it’s a different approach in public relations.

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