1. Ep 375: Strategize Less, Pitch More with Andrea Pass Elzie D. Flenard III 2:42

Elzie Flenard explores the diverse lanes within Public Relations (PR) with expert Andrea Pass. Andrea emphasizes a practical approach to PR, steering away from over-analysis and extensive strategizing.

She highlights that getting clients involved from day one and promptly pitching them to media outlets can yield more effective results than prolonged strategizing. This insight provides a fresh perspective on navigating the lanes of PR and seizing opportunities without unnecessary delay.

Tune in now for a dynamic take on PR strategies!

Episode Highlight:

01:10 – I don’t spend months and months strategizing. I start working with you, day one, I’m securing background information, images, biography, book jacket, company specifics, what your service does for other B2B companies. Day two, I’m pitching you. I’m not wasting time. I’m not dillydallying. And that’s where I’m different from other PR person and people and agencies that will waste six weeks writing fancy, pretty documents. My clients don’t need my fancy PowerPoint document. They need to know I’m working and getting the job done, and they want to know I’m working quickly. And that’s where it’s a different approach in public relations.

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