1. Energy Clearing for Life Podcast #465 ”Massive Clearing & Upleveling” Claire Energia 12:43

It’s that moment when the fuzzy wool is gone and you see clearly again. It is the ah-ha of having it. It’s the fresh start. This episode is fire! Energy Clearing for Life “Massive Clearing and Upleveling” is a guided meditation designed to clear away the cobwebs and invite pure source inspiration.



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Erica Glessing Author, Podcast Producer

Erica Glessing believes when you tell your story, you change the world. Erica interviews entrepreneurs and lightworkers on her podcast "The Erica Glessing Show" and shares transformative meditations on her "Energy Clearing for Life" podcast. She's published 225+ authors and 75+ #1 bestselling books. She lives with about 18 horses on a ranch in California, and she has three grown beautiful children plus two very spoiled kitties, Sapphire and Jaguar.