1. Importance of Processes for Business Growth and Scaling with Neil Mirchandani Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster 23:42

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Neil Mirchandani about what it takes to run a successful event decor company and the challenges that come with it.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to create processes in your business.
  • How to find unique ways to market your business.
  • How to change your mindset to find success.


“The most important thing is to create processes above anything else, above sales, above trying to do marketing. It’s probably the most important thing. And the reason is because if you have no processes in place, chaos is just inevitable.” (06:07)

“It’s actually a challenge for us to market because over time we learn that we’re really more in the wholesale business than in the retail business. We can’t be out there and really loud about what we’re doing based on the number of NDAs, and so over time, we as a team realized that we are really not in the retail business to the end client.” (09:54)

“But the reality is that I still don’t feel like we’ve even reached close to our potential. There is just so much potential in our business and it takes a while to get outta the mindset that you can’t start, extracting money from the business.” (14:38)

About Neil Mirchandani:

Neil Mirchandani is at the helm of LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals, a multimillion-dollar event furnishing company located in Atlanta, GA – the entertainment industry hub of the South. From being a DJ to becoming the top provider for films and music videos, Mirchandani has even had some of his company’s pieces featured on the popular Netflix dating show, ‘Love is Blind,’ while also being a part of the infamous Atlanta nightlife scene.

Under Mirchandani’s leadership, LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals has managed to secure notable clientele, and the company’s growth prospects are looking bright, all thanks to the efficient organization and systems he has implemented. The company’s success formula lies in the availability they provide to their clients, which is crucial in the rental industry where timeliness and uncertainty can be major challenges. Mirchandani’s expertise and leadership have played a vital role in the company’s success, and being readily available for clients has helped build trust, making LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals a highly trusted and sought-after event furnishing company.

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