1. Finding Your Lucky Formula with Mark Lachance Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster 18:29

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Mark Lachance about his book “The Lucky Formula” and how it has effected his business Maxy Media. 

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How becoming a best selling author is important.
  • How to apply the lucky formula to everyday life.
  • How to increase your leadership skills.


“So if you master your internal self, you master your external self, and you sprinkle action on top of that, you’re gonna get success or luck.” (6:41)

“I think that one of the key things to having a successful company is the leader’s mindset, and the second key, is the people that leader puts around them.” (9:55)

“If you wanna really scale a business, get outta your way. Drop your ego and don’t try to be the best in everything because you can’t be, it’s impossible.” (15:46)

About Mark Lachance:

Mark is a renowned figure in the business world, one who possesses a deep understanding of blitzscaling companies. Having owned and operated several businesses that have experienced hypergrowth through creative business development and lead generation, he is a master of sales and marketing and continues to apply and grow his expertise through current projects.

Mark is the CEO and lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., one of the largest TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Display Network performance marketing agencies in the world. Currently, Maxy Media is the number one advertiser in terms of monthly spend on the TikTok platform in Canada and top ten in North America.

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Jenn Foster Bestselling Author

Jenn is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and International bestselling author. She is the owner of Elite Online Publishing and Biz Social Marketing Agency. Companies dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today's highly technical world of product and service promotion. Jenn owned and operated a successful local chain of retail stores, where she honed her online marketing skills. From local brick and mortar stores to online entities, to large international corporations, Jenn's years of experience and expertise has now helped hundreds of businesses become front-page news on major search engines. She is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers, and raving fans. She is passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals to create, publish, and market their book, to build their business and brand.