1. Vinnie Stergin - The Unusual Step from Stress to Serenity Debbie Spector Weisman 27:08

Plato said that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. We’ve all known for a long time that music is not only a joy for the ears but can also make us feel comforted. A song can evoke pleasant memories, yes, but the power of music is amplified if we can play it. 

     My guest, musician and educator Vinnie Stergin, realized this as soon as he started teaching his students how to play an instrument. His instrument of choice? The ukulele. From this he developed his Mindful Ukulele Method and some of the things he discovered were:

·      The surprising magic of the ukulele

·      What happens when he combines ukulele playing with mindfulness

·      Why music is so transformative

·      What happened when he took his ukuleles to prison

·      How anyone can learn how to play a ukulele for transformation

Vinnie’s method is a testament to the transformative power of music and mindfulness. If you're curious about how a simple instrument like the ukulele can make a positive difference in your life, listen to this soulful episode of Dream Power Radio.

    Vinnie Stergin is a musician, artist & educator. He grew up in the Austrian mountains, where his parents kicked him down a ski slope when he was just 3 years old – that’s when he had to learn to stay on track. 
      He won some prestigious awards, wrote many compositions for the Tokyo Olympia 2020, was signed to indie and major labels, has been supported by corporate world giants such as Red Bull & Polaroid & his work has also been recognized by the Arts Council UK & Help Musicians UK (Do It Differently Award). His recent project ‘12 Photos 12 Tracks’ saw him sending a camera around the world, then turning the returning photos into a music album, live show & exhibition. Currently he writes and tours with his band Shiny Brain Crayons.
      Vinnie studied music education at the world famous Mozarteum Salzburg, worked for human rights organizations in Amsterdam and Los Angeles before Moving to London where he resides now.
      Over the past 20 years he taught, coached & inspired hundreds of students from all walks of life to explore their creativity and experience the transformative power of music. He also worked in a prison in SE London teaching music to young offenders.
      Through his own mental health journey and discovering mindfulness & meditation he developed a very unique way of teaching which ultimately formed ‘The Mindful Ukulele Method’. 
 “I’ve always been very curious about people, nature and life and love to experiment, explore. I’m a constant work in progress, and love that.”

     Vinnie’s call to action: At his website, you can opt in for a free 4-part mini course of The Mindful Ukulele Method.

Website: https://mindfulukulelemethod.com

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