1. Therapy as the Seed of Revolution: A Conversation with Alex Luber, LPC Through the Lens of Depth Psychology Deborah Lukovich, PhD 37:38

In this episode, I have a lively conversation with Alex Luber, licensed professional counselor and fellow Jungian enthusiast.

With a degree in philosophy and practitioner of yoga therapy,  he was already unconventional, and then Alex enrolled in the Jungian Psychotherapist program at the Carl Jung Institute in Chicago. He says Depth, Existentialism, Feminism, and Hermeneutical Psychology are home base for him.

As a millennial, he brings a sensitivity to  coming of age right now during  the accelerated dismantling of patriarchal systems. We chat about how the  modern therapeutic model holds individuals responsible for the anxiety caused by collective institutions that are “sick.”  We also chat about Alex's journey of relating to his own feminine and masculine, and our concluding message is optimistic in that we assure listeners that they will be rewarded for doing the work of coming into  relationship with their unconscious–their new awareness will be a seed for revolution in the collective.

I hope you enjoy and will share with others. You don't have to call it therapy as Alex suggests, rather just getting to know the pieces of yourself that haven't been allowed to be revealed to the world.

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Thanks for listening and having the courage to explore the deeper meaning in your own life. 

Deborah Lukovich, PhD 

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She describes herself as an accidentally funny, awkward depth psychology nerd who is addicted to finding meaning in ordinary life events, and over-shares to encourage others to explore the deeper meaning of their lives.