1. Staying Committed to Self When You're in Relationship: A Conversation with Dr. Joli Hamilton, Relationship Coach, Author & TEDx Speaker Deborah Lukovich, PhD 1:06:15

In this episode, I’m excited to have my depth psychology colleague Dr. Joli Hamilton back for a conversation about staying connected to your inner being, your Self, what you might call Soul within relationship. Following that inner voice as it prompts you to grow is difficult enough when it’s just you but staying committed to your journey to grow and unfold is even more difficult when you’re in a relationship.

For those of you who didn’t catch my first interview with Joli, click here to listen to Episode 14, and we talked about the deeper meaning of sexuality.

Individuation is a process, a journey, a way of life, an attitude, that involves becoming aware of how your unconscious is luring you with clues, like a siren’s song, to shine a light on what your Self believes you’re ready to explore.

You've heard me say that we relate through projection, and that projection offers clues about what in your unconscious is ready to be explored. This is part of the individuation journey.

Listening to Joli’s most recent episode of her podcast, Playing with Fire, she got me thinking about whether individuation is even possible without projection, which happens through relationships with others. 

It would make sense that individuation happens alongside or even because of relationships. Could it be that without relationships, we can't really individuate?

I don't know the answer to that, but that’s where we’re going in today’s conversation with Dr. Joli Hamilton.

Oh, and I encourage you to take Joli's quiz at www.joliquiz.com about whether you're ready to open up your relationship, or maybe just use it as a way to think about being creative in your monogamous relationship. 

So, let’s get started . . .

Deborah Lukovich, PhD


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