1. Spendthrift Trust VS LLC 14:46

If you’ve ever wondered about a spendthrift trust vs an LLC, you’ve certainly come to right place, although I’m 100% sure that the answers I’m about to give you are not what you’re expecting. In this episode, I talk about how the Spendthrift Trust has amazing asset protection, while the LLC has only weak protection; how the trust and an LLC can work together to create amazing, legal tax reduction; and how IRS code 643 and the extraordinary dividend defers taxes in perpetuity for the trust. Enjoy!

Dohn Thornton The Infinite Wealth Strategist

Hi I'm Dohn Thornton. I'm a Senior Trust Specialist, and a real estate investor. To put it in a nutshell, I help anybody not on a W2, legally reduce their taxes by as much as 97%, while getting 100% lawsuit-proof asset protection. I spent 20 years making lots of money in real estate; yes, it just caused me to pay more money in taxes.

After learning about this amazing "Ironclad" trust, this Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Spendthrift trust, and how I was able to legally reduce my taxes to ZERO, I started telling people about it. I wrote 5 eBooks about it and started sharing them with people. Next thing I knew, I was getting interviewed on podcasts. But the coolest thing is that people kept sharing their stories with me, and asking me how they could get a trust!