1. The Investor Dilemma – What should you do with your investments? Steve Campbell & Travis Maus 25:44

Show intro (00:27)

Investors’ concerns (1:45)

  • Acknowledging the issues affecting the stock market currently – COVID, supply chain disruptions, political infighting, inflation
  • Anticipating a market disruption, dealing with market volatility, and being concerned about your money

Why do we invest? (4:21)

  • Dealing with the flood of information available as an investor and being able to discern what you should actually do
  • Reframing the conversation around investing and understanding why we invest in the first place
  • Reestablishing investor fundamentals and understanding what you own


Establishing a long-term view (11:20)

  • Talking like a long-term investor but reacting like a short-term investor
  • Owning a share of the business, buying high vs buying low, and understanding the economics of the investments we own
  • Finding opportunities within the market and taking greater ownership of what’s happening with your money
  • Assessing how our investments are actually doing, putting purpose behind why we are investing, and gaining proper perspective
  • Making good investment decisions and thriving in the midst of uncertainty 

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Based on lessons learned during the 2008 Financial Crisis and extensive professional experience, Ditch the Suit’s was a response to the panic induced by the COVID-19 Financial Crisis, where a collision of social fear and financial volatility, fueled by the politicization of nearly every issue, seemed to tip the world upside down. With the goal to help people avoid making financially destructive decisions, co-hosts Travis Maus and Steve Campbell produced daily recordings on a wide range of topics, such as staying positive, understanding the financial impact of new legislation, how to take advantage of the stock market when it crashes, blocking out fear-mongering, etc. which eventually gave way to the creation of the Ditch the Suits Podcast.

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