1. How the Rich Get Richer Steve Campbell & Travis Maus 32:03

What if we told you wealthy people do not utilize passive investing as a strategy? Would you believe us?

We disarm the idea that passive investing and passive income are the same thing. Because they aren't. These words and terms often get confused with one another. 

In this episode, we journey into the world of the affluent and learn about their mindful investing habits. We will show you how understanding your underlying investments can put you ahead of the curve and significantly reduce risk. This isn't about throwing your money into any investment, but understanding why you own an investment and how it can help you build wealth over time. It's about being strategic, doing your research, and making the most of your investments. If you're ready to break away from being average and step into a realm of wealth and prosperity, this episode is for you.

Lean in as we delve into the dangers of not comprehending what you're investing in and how this lack of knowledge can impact your Retirement accounts. Learn how an investment manager can help mitigate these risks and how you can differentiate between a mutual fund and an actively managed advisor. Ready for a thought-provoking discussion that could change your financial trajectory? Let's get started!


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