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July 4th, 2024

The David Watson Podcast #138 Transfigured Sea and everything underneath

  1. The David Watson Podcast #138 Transfigured Sea and everything underneath watsondavid1974 51:31

Sally Ann Hunter is a biologist and environmental policy officer (BSc [Biol], MEnv Sts.).

She has published a collection of poetry called The Structure of Light and a biography called You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down: from Parkinson’s to a new life with Deep Brain Stimulation.

A paper she wrote on the biography, was read on ABC Radio’s Ockham’s Razor, as was a paper on living with solar power. She completed a ten-month course called Manuscript Incubator at Writers SA.

Also at Writers SA, she did Poetry Studio on Zoom with Jill Jones over several months.

A novel called Transfigured Sea, (Nature Writing) was published in 2022 and another called Golden Cups (Historical Fiction) is in the process of publisher’s revision.

A number of her poems have been published in anthologies and online. She lives in the Adelaide Hills where she gains inspiration for much of her Nature Writing.

Sally Ann Hunter https://sallyannhunter.com

Karl Jenkins – ” THE ARMED MAN ” Benedictus



It turns out even though I'm "grown up" I still don't know what I want to do. They never told me about that at school.
I wrote a book as well.

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