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608: Become Your Future Self

Book: Be Your Future Self Now https://amzn.to/3AH0mVg

Becoming Your Future Self – Benjamin Hardy – Quotes:

– Covey “Mental creation always precedes physical creation”

– Once you are clear and committed, everything will filter through your goal

– Know that whatever you want is already yours

– Act as though everything you want can and will be yours

– When you commit 100% to what you want and know the end result is already yours, there will be a growing body of evidence about the future you’re creating. You’ll stop associating pain with the work and changes required for your goals. Instead, you’ll associate pain with not making progress toward your dreams. You’ll associate pain with the short-term dopamine hits that were once your escape.

– Commitment is a statement of what “is” You can know what you’re committed to by the results, not by what you say your commitments are – The result is proof of a commitment

– Yes, it will require courage to fully embrace your Future Self

– Yes, it will sometimes take more time than you anticipated

– Yes, there will be obstacles

– But if you’re committed, everything you face along the way will only better prepare you for what you truly want.

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