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605: Create a New Opportunity

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Consumers get a lot more excited about New Opportunities than they do Improvement Offers.

Think about fixing a hole in your wall, versus renovating your house, versus building a new home. We can get a lot more excited about building a new home.

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, he wasn’t introducing an improvement offer (CD 10-15 songs, MP3 Player 150 songs…) He didn’t present something that was better or faster. Instead, he created a new category, a “new opportunity.”

As you look at everyone you are competing against, how can you create a New Opportunity?

Think of your goal not as fixing something for your audience, think of it from the perspective of replace what’s not working with something different.

1. What’s the result they are trying to achieve?

2. What are they currently doing to try to get that result?

3. How can you create a New Opportunity?

When we’ve talked about marketing in the past, we’ve talked about entering the conversation that’s happening in your prospects mind and answering one of two questions:

What’s the pain they have but don’t want?

What’s the result they want but don’t have?

If they are not having success with what they are currently doing, they don’t just want a better way of doing it, they want something new.

How can you create a New Opportunity?

– Application?

– How they purchase?

– Subscription model? Etc, etc.

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