1. 525: No Pain of Regret Jeff Heggie 6:40

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525: No Pain of Regret

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Anthony Trucks (Former NFL athlete & American Ninja Warrior Champion):

Started playing football and was not good. He had two choices:

  1. Pack it      up, decide it’s not for me… OR
  2. Lean in      and do the things that were uncomfortable and would make me better

Short Pain: Pain of doing what I was doing to get better

Long Pain: the pain of regret – that I didn’t do it

Came back a different human being

  • internal fire from doing the work
  • “I had done too much work in the dark for anyone to take what was mine in the light… I earned it”

Do the work in the dark when nobody is watching, no cheers or applause

Earn it way before you get to that moment

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