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372: This Is Why Your Choices Matter





Alabama Head Football Coach, Nick Saban shared the following story:

One story I like to tell that happened to a player here.

He got into a little trouble when he was a freshman.

Some guys called him a bunch of names.

They were drinking and he got really upset.

And he grabbed one of them by the back of the neck.

Police came and he could have got arrested.

I called him in my office and said, man, you just can’t do those kinds of things.

He said,

You can’t expect me to let people call me those kinds of names, do those kinds of things and not do something about it.

I said, you know what? I agree with you.

But you know, you’re going to be a first-round draft pick.

You’re going to make 30 million dollars if you’re a first-round draft pick.

If that cop would have given you an assault charge,

You would be a third-round draft pick and you would make 2 million dollars.

For 28 million dollars, is it worth it to be right?

You know what his response was?

You’ll never have any more trouble with me coach.

And he never did and he really became a first round draft pick and signed for 40 million

I missed it by 10 million

Sometimes you have to be able to realize what the consequences of your behavior is,, regardless of what your emotional commitment might be

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