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273: You Can’t Afford To Be Average



Steve Chandler:

To those who have asked me why I have a coach and why I’ve paid people to coach me through the years, I ask them why should Coaching just be for athletes & actors?

They reply that athletes actors can’t afford to be average or mediocre. They have to be as good as they can be just to keep their jobs.

Greatness, to them, is linked to survival. They have to be great at what they do or they’re gone.

Well, so do we now. The world has gone global. No more whining about outsourcing. If someone in China can do it better than you can, game over.

To have a great life, we have to be great at what we do.

That scares a lot of people, but it excites those of us with coaches.

Why should I not want to be as good as I can be at my own career? Even if I’m not a pro athlete?

But why do you need to pay for that? Why not do it yourself?

Because Coaching works and doing it myself never works the same way. I was OK by myself, but I was never GREAT at anything.

Even if I was, it wasn’t as great as it could have been

So now, ask yourself… Do you want to be Great at what you do?

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