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116: Take the Pressure Off of Client Meetings



Article on The Futur by Matthew Encina, Take the Pressure Off of Client Meetings

Pressure of client meetings:

· Everything is on the line

· Prepare & rehearse, design every slide right, develop a script to recite

· Pressure on to perform

o Often resulting in awkward, unnatural presentations

Discover that no one is applying the pressure except for YOU!

· Entering each meeting like you have to sell this person… blow them away… convince them…

Serving vs Selling

What was the one thing that changed my approach, and relieved all the pressure?

· When I enter prospective client meetings, I now go in with the lens of being “helpful,” rather than going in to “sell.”

· “I’m not here to make a sale. I’m here to be helpful. I’m perfectly ok if we determine that this is not a good mutual fit. If I cannot genuinely help this prospect, I will walk away from the job.”

o Takes off all the pressure

o Turns the presentation into a conversation, focused on the value we can create together if we were to engage

Three Golden Questions

· What are your goals?

· What’s getting in the way?

· How can I help?

“Next time you go into your client meeting. Take your sales agenda off of the table. Don’t lead the meeting with your services or product. Instead, focus the conversation on them and their needs. Change the lens to that of a helpful one, and see how much that changes the outcome.”

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