1. 115: Persuasion - The Law of Similarity & Familiarity Jeff Heggie 4:20

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Episode 115: Persuasion – The Law of Similarity & Familiarity

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Michelle Lederman’s book: The 11 Laws of Likability

The Law of Similarity

– People like people like them

The sub-law of association

– People trust the sources they know best

– Being associated with one of those trusted sources often means that the trust, by association, will be transferred to you

Uncover Connections

– Look for common interests and backgrounds, shared experiences and beliefs, to find similarities that will help build connections

The Law of Familiarity

– People feel comfortable with who and what they know

Build Familiarity

– Stay in someone’s mind by staying in contact

Continue the conversation

Keep it authentic

Mindset Journal – mindsetjournal.jeffheggie.com

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