1. 110: Victorious Warriors Win First and Then Go to War Jeff Heggie 4:56

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Episode 110: Victorious Warriors Win First and Then Go to War


“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war. While defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu

The most powerful way to shape our lives is to take action. There is plenty of time remaining in 2020 to take action, find the opportunities, and make it great!

Everything begins with a decision to do something, it’s up to you.

“Decisions determine our destiny” – Thomas Monson 

For those who still want to make 2020 great:

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Jeff Heggie is an entrepreneur, success coach, and mortgage specialist with a passion for helping others achieve their biggest dreams. Jeff teaches people to become optimal performing entrepreneurs. He starts with a focus on mindset. Taking his client or their business to the next level always begins with the right mindset.

Jeff enjoys using his extensive experience in the banking industry, over twenty years as an entrepreneur, plus his training and experience as a coach to help his clients break through the mental and physical barriers that hold them back.