Whether you’re a coach or considering hiring one, the distinction matters.

It matters a LOT. Why?

Laurel Portié (@TheLaurelShow ), and I break it down for you in just 4 minutes in this vid AND tell you how to stand out as the BEST choice for a coach in your domain.

What’s the gap you help your clients bridge?

What’s the Coaching superpower or unique mechanism that makes you the one-and-only choice for those clients?

Those you seek to serve NEED your Coaching business to SUCCEED so their lives can be enhanced by the difference ONLY YOU can help them make!

Ready to make a better living and a bigger difference as a coach?

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Scott Perry helps people define the difference only they can make and live their legacy in the next chapter of their of life. Scott has pursued several vocations, navigating from a 25-year career as a professional musician into a 5-year contract as a head coach at Seth Godin’s Akimbo Workshops and now as the leader of a movement to help others reconnect with and share their unique gift.