1. 30 Day Challenge to Create a Life and Business You Love I Day 1 I Faith Katrina Julia 17:44

30 Day Challenge jump starts with an episode on Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). I talk about the verse and application in 4+ areas of life and challenge you to CREATEIT it in the area of life that matters the most right now. Lets CREATEIT www.bit.ly/createitlikeaboss

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Katrina Julia Creator + CEO of FIT Life Creation

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Athlete, Traveler, Creator + CEO of FIT Life Creation - all in one lifestyle transformation. MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. She has worked with 7+ industries in strategy, finance, marketing, operations, >15,000 entrepreneurs + brands like NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Simple Truth. Katrina has transformed every area of life + continues to + helps you #CREATEIT a Life + Business you love with freedom!